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The academic institutions, companies and individuals named below are contributors to the symposium, either having participated in the research that this symposium will present or providing their knowledge and expertise. Please find below information on all contributors to our forthcoming online Symposium.

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Wildlife Conservation Research Unit

Part of the University of Oxford’s Department of Zoology, WildCRU is a pioneering, inter-disciplinary research unit in a world-class academic centre. We underpin solutions to conservation problems through primary scientific research of the highest calibre via an empirical, interdisciplinary and collaborative approach.

World Animal Protection Logo2

World Animal Protection

We are a global organisation with 14 offices all over the world. For 55 years we’ve been helping to find practical ways to prevent animal suffering worldwide. With scientific research forming a key pillar of our work, we seek collaboration with those able to effect change at scale: governments and institutions that can help improve animal lives.

China Three Gorges University

The Three Gorges University

Founded in June 2000 (comprising the former Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electric Engineering/Yichang and the former Hubei Sanxia College), China Three Gorges University has become a comprehensive university focused on delivering high quality education resources, promoting the development of education reform, with an emphasis on training talents with international education background.

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China West Normal University

A Sichuan provincial key university high ranking tertiary institution that has been striving, over the past 6 decades, to “be a cornerstone in education in Sichuan Province, serving China’s Western regions as well as the rest of the country”. The education philosophy of CWNU embodies teachers’ devotion to professional ethics and to the student as a whole person in intellectual, professional, moral, cultural, social and physical spheres.


Professor Youbing Zhou

Youbing’s professional career began when he was working as part of a team of biologists and medics in the fight against to fight against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), in China from 2003 to 2004. He then led many projects on animal behavioural, ecology and conservation, animal-plant interaction, and biodiversity surveys in China. These works led to over 50 high-impact papers (including letters in Nature and Science), many concerning IWT, animal exploitation and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses for animals in China. His current interests focus on three broad categories: (i) illegal wildlife trade (IWT), enforcement and strategic responses in China; (ii) the conservation of vulnerable frugivorous carnivores and behavioural responses affecting their distribution and diversity; (iii) the evolutionary ecology of animal-plant interaction sand the influence of climate change.

Zhao Min

Zhaomin Zhou

Dr. Zhao-Min Zhou is an interdisciplinary conservation researcher interested in the impacts of anthropogenic disturbances (trade and pollution) on wildlife survival and tolerance. He formerly worked in the Chinese Wildlife Enforcement agency identifying wild animals and products thereof illegally traded, and now is a researcher at Key Laboratory of Southwest China Wildlife Resource Conservation (China West Normal University), Ministry of Education. 

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